About the Author

I was born in NJ and usually don’t belong there.  I like to think I have pioneered and bloomed in artistic, improvisational writing.  Writing that shares crispness and spirit, and soothes the soul like fresh air in our time of rush rush and slap together books and movies.  Current books and movies out there typically leave the reader or movie goer feeling stale and deprived.  I feel this novel will intimately recharge souls and be a smash hit in the theatres the World over.

Amazingly, it naturally worked out with my sending in my Biography to go to my website (WoodstockAquarius.com) today: 12/29/2015.  I was flabbergasted that exactly 2 years ago (12/29/2013) I started my novel.  Enjoy this unrushed, “fresh set of prints in the snow” journey, of this read and soon to come movie.  Orders are available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and WoodstockAquarius.com.  Order yours and a loved one a copy today for it is vital to enlighten your soul.

I am currently savoring the journey of prospering on this novels sequel.  I enjoy being with friends and family, cool events and good conversation.

Happy reading and movie going, may they rock your soul positively and permeate into yours and your loved ones lives.