What the World needs now is sweet music to fill the air. Not bellowing or complaining, rather dancing and getting hi on embracing life, and our brothers and sisters. Then things will work out, and we will find ourselves putting energy on peace and not greed.. then everyone who participates will find themselves to be as rich as can be.

Writers hope in his journey of having created the novel:   Naked Splendid Age of Aquarius                                               THE DAWN OF A WOODSTOCK?

Is for people everywhere to come together in one accord of Peace and Love before it’s too late for us all.  Hopefully it isn’t already too late for our planet to continue to sustain us.  This edge of the seat adventure/science fiction/spiritual novel with it’s fascinating storyline: will sweep the World in a good way in it getting to people’s hearts over what really matters in this short, sweet life we are gifted with.  This novel’s personality embodies an essence that will loft you away into a fantastic escape, to a wonderful fantasy world.  This novel will lend hosting as a required college text.  Soon positive vibes will even grow further with the launching of this novel’s: movie, sequel and sequel’s movie.  Look out World for an exciting wonderful future, in the continued ushering in of the Age of Aquarius..  that is if concepts shown in this novel are used as a guide.