Chapter One, Excerpt 1

Elliot studied his compass and gazed every which way, and was captivated by how spectacular everything looked in this vast wilderness. What totally compelled him and even seemed to put him in a trance was the most amazing trek he ever encountered extending ahead of him. What was even more amazing about it was that it was a scene he had dreamed about before in his wildest dream. Way ahead there was a mountain that kept gradually sloping up, then became pretty steep near the last climb of rolling hills. Everything was remarkably lush, green and majestic. The final hill peaked and seemed like it might be flat for a while, yet he couldn’t see beyond and Nothing—including his dream—captivated him so much as to what was over that hill. It seemed that it would be more than the “bear went over the mountain” song where the bear kept finding another mountain.

Elliot calculated the peak to be about twenty miles away, so searched around for a meal so that he could endure and, yes, enjoy the journey…

Chapter 1, Excerpt 2

Finally gaining back his strength and wits, Elliot stared in bewilderment at the magical splendor, which was beyond his wildest dreams of a paradise, and beyond what he thought possible. There was unspeakable beauty, sparkle, and splendor everywhere. Walking along the flat top this peaking array of beauty intensified with seeing, hearing, and smelling the abundance of teeming life and wildlife everywhere.

Chapter 18

“Wow, we never heard about this yesterday, even with talking to a bunch of people and being here quite awhile!” ecstatically expressed Caroline, who loved concerts.

The passenger from the bus explained, “We just improvisationally answered your call and planned it right now. . . . Don’t worry, we’ve got the connections to pull this off.” While he was talking, they noticed two or three other bus passengers talking excitedly on their cellphones to rock musicians. They were all in their element and on a roll. A few minutes later, they learned there would be not only a concert with a few rock and roll bands playing, but they were on the edge of having an emerging Woodstock-type scene in the works. Well pleased, everyone caught their breath and basked in the glory of what was to come.

Some time later, a bus passenger commented, “It’s just like the commercial ‘Tell two people, and those two will tell two, and so on and so on . . . .’ Well, isn’t that groovy man? That’s happening while I speak. Many famous musicians will be contacted now and we can sit back and see that it’s gonna be, like, totally happening because we did our part.”